The farm is run by myself and Joe with our 5 children and 3 dogs (Buttons, Bailey and Percy). The family has been on the farm for over 100 years now and we are the 4th generation to run and look after the farm.

Victoria, Joe, Children and Dogs


We always have a small number of pigs at the farm. A particular favourite is Gerty who is incredibly tame and loves having visitors. At certain times of the year you can see her with her piglets. She always loves a scratch and cuddle!


We also have a small flock of sheep which include a variety of breeds. You may also catch sight of Rambo our Charolais ram. If the time of year is right, you might be able to help with bottle feeding some of our orphan lambs. You will also find lamb in our on-site shop at various times.


We always have a few chickens at the farm and sell eggs locally. You will also see our beautiful cockerel who enjoys looking after his girls!.

During your stay you are welcome to join us in the farm yard to get up close the animals, help feed them, touch and stroke, and take photos.

Your stay at Yeabridge Farm

A yurt is a cone shaped tent on a wooden frame - a traditional design that creates a tranquil and relaxing space to get away from it all. Our yurts are located in the middle of our farm surrounded by fields and bordered on all sides with hedges and trees. There is no electricity but solar lights and safety candles will make your stay magical. There is a separate under cover kitchen, your own shower room and composting toilets. With a small on-site farm shop - we have everything to make your stay complete.